Sunday, January 25, 2009


i have too much fun on weekends
and i'm not sure why
why i specifically enjoy this fun
because we really don't like anything the same
i learn about more things we don't agree on every day

i like skate shoes
he likes hightops

i would kill for a bloomin' onion
and he calls onions 'the devil's candy'

i could go on.. but they're kind of lame
bottom line my favorite things are often his least favorite
on a surprising amount of things
it's kind of weird how opposite we are
it's like that proverb

i don't want to believe it just because of that reason
but it's getting hard not to

maybe we attract because except from our preferences about the frivolous purchases of daily culture (music and clothes)
we agree
on you know, the important things
like political leanings
and books
and tactics for how to save the world
and that we think these things are important

how cool is that?

no, there's more that pulls us
everyone around feels the magnetic tension in the air
seeing us together makes people look
it freaks some people out
even though some of them always saw it coming
because we both just don't give a shit and people like us for it
because we want to be different
and we're so different from each other

but it's fun
and it's exactly what we each need right now
i am excited for weekends again
because for some reason we mesh so deliciously
which makes me tempted to say
that i'm actually happy right now

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