Wednesday, January 14, 2009

car troubles

I was rescued by two priests today
my landlord doesnt shovel our driveway
and this mound of ice, gravel, and snow has been forming
for the majority of the winter
since it's snowed so damn much
like everyother day
maybe more

my car doesn't like the mound
or maybe it's the other way, and it's the mound who isn't liking me
and or car
but bottom line is
i got stuck

burning rubber stuck

so the two priests walking by offered to help
the one in the fine coat and his priest collar sticking out was doing most of the work
i felt weird
they having three strong men to push (2 priests and 1 roommate)
i got to sit in the car and revvv the reverse
gently now
not too fast now
sorry father!


grab a rug! grab some salt!
hand me that shovel!


a neighbour joins
he doesn't look too optimistic
we'll have to lift it
he says

so they lift
and i revvv
and they push
and i'm turning my wheel
and i'm on the street!

before i can park and thank them
the one priest has already started walking
and the one i wasn't sure was a priest says...

"look at that, two priests helping two skull and crossbones"

i guess he was referring to my touque
or maybe he thought i'd make a good pirate

i hope i didn't swear in front of them...


1 comment:

  1. Hmmm... mildly amusing and semi-odd experience. I would have liked to spy on the action from my window.